Korean Drama Review: The Greatest Love also known as Best Love

There seems to be a lot of Korean dramas that involves Korea's Entertainment Industry.  Following the trend is a recent Korean comedy and drama called  "The Greatest Love" a.k.a "Best Love".  However, what sets it apart from other dramas is that the stars are middle-aged.  Do you think they pulled it off?

The love team is composed of Goo Ae Jung played by Gong Hyo Jin and Dokko Jin by Cha Seung Won.  The main casts had a great chemistry together.  The acting is superb too.  Together with Kang Se Ri casted by Yoo In Na and  Yoon Pil Joo casted by Yoon Kye Sang, every episode of "The Greatest Love" is entertaining.  Well, the last episodes seems a bit dragging but it was still okay.  The humor and drama felt natural and moving.  This is a feel good drama that anyone can enjoy.

A once famous female singer and a super popular actor falls in love with each other.  Will their love prevail over their careers?

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