Gandiva Cafe Archery Range: My Attempt for a Bull's Eye

Last week, my family decided to try our archery at Gandiva Cafe Archery Range.  The place is a bit conspicuous as it is found at the 7th floor of One Corporate Center in Ortigas, Pasig.  If we didn't see it online, we wouldn't even have a clue that it exists.  On the way, I couldn't spot any sign leading us to where it was.

The fees are charge based on the hours of play.  One hour is 600 php and the paper target is 25 php.  We were given our protective padding and our arrow belt holder.  We were then handed our bow and arrows as we were instructed personally by a guide.

The bows were quite heavy for me since I don't work out or exercise.  Towards the end, all my siblings were able to make a bull's eye.

The Gandiva Cafe is actually a vegan cafe.  Too bad we were in a hurry for dinner so we were not able to try it out.

But, we got bought some healthy chips which I have yet to try.

Overall, it was a great experience.  Maybe we'll try a shooting range next. =D

Gandiva Cafe Archery Range.
Unit 704 One Corporate Center,
Julio Vargas st. Ortigas Center 
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(02) 638-8771