Suplado Tips by Stanley Chi

Everyone has their own different interpretation of being sexy. As some people think that being nice, having a great body and looks, being smart could show off their sexiness but for this book this is certainly not the case. After carefully reading it, I was enlightened but in a different way.  

Though the book shouldn't be taken literally as some people might assume. Stanley Chi's Suplado Tips (How  to be a snob) is a good read and is quite humorous in its own way. The jokes are simple enough and some of them are applicable in real life plainly because it shows how some of our wise crack comments could be more hurtful rather than amusing. 

Personal understanding :
Most of us could translate the jokes in our own weird way but for me the jokes were more of a lesson. I actually saw what I used to do to my friends and how a joke I made could actually mean a different thing. Sometimes answering a stupid question could be quite irritating but answering it as a jerk doesn't help anyone. Sometimes the easiest questions could be answered in the simplest way and yet most of the time we try to complicate ourselves by answering it in the most unethical way possible.