The Third Eye Wellness Center: Afternoon of Spiritual Nutrition Starting with Chakra

Life has always been an endless journey of learning.  I've always been curious about myself and everything else around me.  Although I don't fully understand what spirituality is, I've always felt that it is essential to my well-being.  Thus, when I was invited for a talk at Third Eye Wellness Center, I was more than eager to participate.
third eye wellness center philippines
Third Eye Wellness Center is a mind-body-energy center that provides health and wellness activities and services located at the 6th floor of 20th Drive Corporate Center at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  Through self-development, health and nutrition, alternative healing and holistic beauty, it focuses on the journey going inward to reflect outward.   According to founder Sanaiyah Keswani-Gurnamal, Third Eye Wellness Center here in Manila is their second outlet.  They opened the first one in Dubai. Third Eye Wellness Center is composed of the Chakra Cafe which offers healthy vegetarian offerings, Transcend Spa & Nails which offers holistic treatments and beauty therapies, The Store which sells books, crystals, gift items and aromatheraphy essentials, Healing Therapies Center which offers sessions for energy healings, personal readings and consultations and lastly,  a Training & Personal Development Center for meditations certified programs in healing modalities, self-empowerment workshops and corporate trainings.  

third eye wellness center philippines
Sure, I've heard about Chakra before but don't really know what it is.  I got to know that Chakra is the source of energy so you'd be amazed the issue of a person is related to his disease.  The physical is the last manifestation of our emotional problems like how a person with low self-esteem is often inflicted with ulcer. 

The 7 Primary Chakras
  • Crown Chakra (white) = I understand - located at the top of the head and represents unity and spirituality.  This is our connection to the divine.  It requires the other chakras to be balanced and cleansing the body through detox, yogas, exposure to good sunlight, moonlight and fresh air.
  • Third Eye or Brow Chakra (Purple) = I see - located between the eyebrows and represents intuition, direction and inspiration.   This involves our perception, direction, inspiration, intellectual physique and intuition. 
  • Throat Chakra (blue) = I speak - located at the base of the throat.  This represents expression, communication and self-esteem.  
  • Heart Chakra (green but can turn red in the center) = I love - located at the center of the chest.  It represents love, acceptance and forgiveness.  
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) = I do - located on the abdomen.  It represents control and power.  
  • Sacral Chakra (orange) = I feel -  located between the naval and the pubic bone which is 3 fingers below the belly.  It represents emotions, sex, creativity, abundance and intimacy.
  • Root Chakra (red) = I am - located at the base of the spine.  It represents survival, security,stability and grounding.    
You Are What You Eat
third eye wellness center philippines
Depending on the Chakra (except for Crown Chakra) that you want to balance, there are suggested foods for them.  Thus, we should strive for conscious eating and make healthy food choices.

third eye wellness center philippines
I sure you've come across the current issue on GMO's and how its destroying our environment.  As an advocate of natural and organic produce, I am totally against it.  As stated by Ms. Angela Lichiuco of Rawlicious, there are just so much benefits from:
  • Living Foods such as enyzmes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, oxygen and high energy and positive vibrations
  • Plant-based diet such as alkaline, non-fat and easier to digest
  • Organics such as higher nutrition, free of harmful chemicals and healthy for the planet
  • Greens such as enriched with chlorophyll, cell renewal, reduce free radicals, vitamins, minerals, protein, fibers and oxygen
third eye wellness center philippines
As a foodie, I'll admit that when I review food, I usually critic based on the taste and appearance but often forget that the main purpose of food is to fuel the body.  Through our food intake, we can control our health.  Our relationship should be beyond its taste.  It should be how it nourishes, heals and balances our body, mind and spirit. 

third eye wellness center philippines

Co-owner Maisha Chulani advises that we should adopt the four practices of conscious eating:
  1. Eating food that is real, natural, pure, fresh and organic
  2. Consuming more living foods (raw and uncooked items) and whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, greens and legumes and grains
  3. Avoiding meat, processed food, preserved food, fast food, artificial seasoning, sodas and sugar.
  4. Giving thanks by blessing one's food. 
third eye wellness center philippines
Remember our thoughts affects our physical bodies.  For those people who can't control their diet or inhibit themselves from addiction, The Third Eye Wellness Center offers healing therapies to help you.

third eye wellness center philippines

My Personal Account
I've been stressed for the past few years due to my failed relationship.  I just lost my best friend for 10 years and lover of 5 years.  I felt as if all optimism has been drained out from me.  It affected my life plan and my schooling.  To cope with the stress, I ate a pint of ice cream and a pack of pop corn almost everyday.   I got sick often and had back aches too. 

One day, I met with an old friend.  I was amazed at how positive and happy he had been.  He was so cranky at me before! =(  Then, he told me his secret is a healthy diet.  Being as skeptic as I am, I teased him that it was just a psychological effect or something.   But it really made me curious so I kept bugging him with questions to which he replied either with patience or frustration. =p   From then on, he became my personal health coach.  Although I'm still not considered a conscious eater like him, I'm pleased to boast that as a semi-conscious eater for just a few months, I have lost a lot of pounds and have never felt more positive and happy in my life.  I'm not saying that external factors did not help me.  I'm very fortunate to have a supportive family and optimistic friends as well.  But, the biggest change lies within us and that it begins with conscious and healthy eating.

Prior to the talk at the The Third Eye Wellness Center, my friend's advises were actually based on scientific studies and researches.  I'm glad to learn that the spiritual side and science coincides after all.  I guess everything in the universe are really intertwined.  My learning about spiritual nutrition made me want to learn more about my spirituality.  It was mentioned that the Charka of a person can be measured by a pendulum.  The Third Eye Wellness Center offers a Chakra Balancing Session for that.  I'll try that soon because it intrigues me!

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