Man of Steel: Superman Movie Review

Everyone has a huge expectation for Man of Steel.  I'm sure its one of the must watch movies for 2013 for many.   I've watched every Superman in my lifetime and surely I wouldn't miss this. 

Henry Cavill casts as Clark Kent a.k.a Kal El a.k.a Superman.   In a new rubber-like suit with darker tone that fits like a body glove, his bulk and muscular body is exposed in every detail.  Compared to the previous casts, he looked more rough, rugged and manly which appealed more to the female audience.

Other casts were well-played too.  But, I never imagined Lois Lane would be starred by Amy Adams.  I somehow felt that there are better others would could have soothed the role more.
The story begins in Planet Krypton, his plant of origin, and revolves around it till the very end.  Thus, the movie was highly imaginative and boosted by computer graphics just as the latest alien science fiction movies are.  Although there is a delineation from the comics, I enjoyed the character development in the movie.  It gave a background on his powers, beliefs and values.  I find this Superman more emotional than the rest.  With Zack Snyder as director and Christopher Nolan and David Goyer as writers, I had high hopes that the plot would be deep as the Dark Knight.  Well, it did reveal more about Superman but not enough to make the entire movie interesting. 

 The movie had lots of action... pushing and punching here and there with massive destruction and explosions.  I know it sounds exciting but it gets to a point when you feel like its been dragging too long.  And, then it ends simply just like that which will leave you disappointed. 

Overall, Man of Steel is just another Superman movie that failed to surpass its predecessors despite its technological advantage for sounds and effects.  But, its still a must watch movie since its a "Superman" movie. 

Watch Man of Steel!