Green Halo: Best Source of Genuine Crystals Accessories for Its Affordability

History for the longest of time have shown that our ancestors from the ancient ages have been at one with nature by wearing jewelries and accessories that are embedded by previous metals, stones, and natural minerals.  Despite the separation of land masses of the world, you'd find this true in various places and different races such as the Aztecs, Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans and Romans.

Aside from visual appeal with its unique natural designs, patterns and color created by nature and time itself, these crystals and minerals are said to draw other benefits.  I got to know this during my visit at Third Eye Wellness Center and learned the psuedo science of Chakras.  With many believers of crystals, there are a lot of sellers sprouting about selling both fake and genuine ones.  And, if you're no expert like I am, we're an easy victim.

Good thing a friend recommended to me Green Halo.  They sell genuine natural crystal accessories sourced from the United States who can verify its authenticity and process.

I love my birthstone Amethyst and when I read the description of it benefits, I just had to get some.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Amethyst and Magnesite (850 php)
I really love my Amethyst and Magnesite bracelet.  It fits my wrists perfectly and the chevron purple amethyst spheres are smooth finished with beautiful white-layered wavelengths on some of it.  The magnesite stone is dyed slightly pink to match the color of the amethyst.  The metal accents are sophisticated and stylish as well.

I received my bracelets via Xend.  It came with a pouch and a description about the crystal and stone I've chosen.  It's fun to read and know.  I guess aside from color, its nice to use that as a basis on what to wear for the day too.

Amethyst (875 php)
As a gift for my sister, I gave her an Amethyst bracelet too.  This one fits those with larger wrists because its stretchable.  You can request the size of your bracelet so they can adjust it for you.  This has a nice leaves accent which represents nature more.  


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