Transform yourself with Schick.

Superman, also known as the man of steel, is one of the most famous superhero in the world.  His title as the man of steel describes only one of the many superpowers that he possess, Invulnerability.  Superman also has an assortment of other abilities:

1.  Super Speed
2.  Super Hearing
3.  Heat Vision
4.  Freezing Breath
5.  Flight
6.  Regeneration
7.  Super Intelligence

Those are a lot of superpowers for just one superhero to carry.  But one must wonder what they could do with all of superman’s powers.  If I had his powers, I would be able to change the world.  If I had his power for a week, I would follow this seven day plan:

Day 1: Use Super Speed and Super Intelligence to study everything I can.
Day 2: Disarm all weapons of mass destruction around the world.
Day 3: Disarm all remaining weapons around the world.
Day 4: Cleanup all landfills and dumps around the world.
Day 5: Continue cleanup of garbage around the world.
Day 6: Using knowledge gained from Day 1 and Super Intelligence to solve world hunger
Day 7: Using knowledge gained from Day 1 and Super Intelligence to cure cancer

The key to this change the world strategy is Super Speed and Flight.  Anyway, that is my plan for changing the world with the powers of the Man of Steel within a week.  The potentials for his powers are limited only by the imagination, or at least by the limitations set about by story authors. 
Schick. Free Your Skin.

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