Welcoming the Rainy Days

How I loathe the dry humid feeling as wjenever I walk under the scorching heat of the sun during the summer.  I seek refuge to an electric fan or air cooler whenever I am home.  The garden soil were often dry so my siblings and I had to share the burden of watering the plants.  I wished the summer would end...

With the opening of the school days comes the rainy season.  During drizzling days, I am thankful on my of our plants and my laziness.  But when it rains hard, I scorn the feeling of weariness as I arrive late at home due the worsened traffic.  And, if I'm unlucky, I'd have to walk home through flood water up to knee level high. 

Yet, at the end of each day, life goes on.  And the weather like many circumstances in our lives becomes so insignificant because all we really care about is waking up to another day whether it rains or shines.