Taiwan Drama Review: Skip Beat!

Since I started to blogging, I rarely have the time to watch dramas.  But, Skip Beat! is just to difficult to resists.  Skip Beat! is based on a popular Japanese Shojo Manga.  What I watched is the Skip Beat! Taiwan Drama.  It is very faithful to the original manga story.  There will also be a Korean adaptation of this too.  

The casting of  Skip Beat! made it very appealing.  The main male roles are played by Super Junior (SuJu) heartthrob members Siwon as Dun Helian and Donghae as Bu Po Shang.  While, the female lead named Gong Xi is starred by Ivy Chen.

The chemistry between the Siwon and Ivy Chen is awesome!  I couldn't stop watching until the very last episode.  I find the plot both dramatic and comical.  The common expectation from Taiwan dramas are also present: exaggerations and silly animations.  Nevertheless, its quite amusing if the characters are cute.  This is a good watch!