Movie Review: Dark Shadows

The combo of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp makes Dark Shadows a movie everyone would want to watch even to those who have not watched the original TV series like myself.

Dark Shadows begins in a mellow set up and turns comical as soon as Barnabas Collins played by Johnny Depp shows up.  In fact, I find the genre of this movie quite confusing.  Only Barnabas Collins seems to bring out humor in the entire movie.  While other characters would depict a creepy yet shallow personality.

There were many scenes which I find unnecessary and there are some unexplained and puzzling parts too.  I also found it weird that the scene would be comical and then suddenly turn into something disturbing.  But overall, the performance by Johnny Depp and Eva Green who stars as Angelique Bouchard were able to uplift the enjoyment of the movie still despite the faulty plot.  It's still brings a bundle of joy to the viewers and it is quite entertaining to watch.

Watch Dark Shadows!