Japanese Drama Review: Proposal Daikusen or Operation Love

Proposal Daikusen or Operation Love is a Japanese drama with 11 episodes aired in 2007 and one special on 2008.  It is a drama series with a beautiful message and moral lesson.

The story starts in a wedding where Iwasa Ken starred by Tomohisa Yamashita watches his childhood friend Rei Yoshida casted by Masami Nagasawa and Tetsuya Tada played by Naohito Fujiki happily getting married.  Ken feels so much regret that he was not able to convey his feelings for her.  

The whole story is centered with Iwasa Ken.  The drama relied almost entirely on the acting of Tomohisa Yamashita and he did well!  I've watched his other dramas and he is one of my favorites.  I could feel the emotions in the drama.  The drama was very moving that I felt it has changed my life.  It's the kind of series that sticks by you.

There were so many beautiful quotes throughout the series as well such as:

Instead of grieving over the past, changing yourself and having the will to face the future is what is important. - Church Fairy

The majority of humans don't understand the reality of something till it's over. - Church Fairy

Humans... One thing you have gotten very good at through out history is making excuses. - Church Fairy

If you keep on thinking tomorows always going to come your going to end up in pain.   If you put things off for tomorow your an idiot. - Rei's Grandfather

Miracles that can change fate do not arrive quickly.  By thinking that you want something to change, with that one small step, someday, the door to a miracle ill open.  - Church Fairy

People, at times when everything goes wrong, they look for a reason for living. Situation and timing, divine intervention and luck, these bring out many good circumstances which comfort oneself.  - Church Fairy

Watching it makes me sad because it reminds me of my childhood friend too.  He is as pitiful as Iwasa Ken.  He has forgotten how brave and responsible he once was.  I hope he can have a second chance though.  Because watching him makes me feel as saddened as watching Iwase Ken's failed attempts over and over.