The Third Eye Wellness Center: Chakra Balancing Session Through ThetaHealing®

After learning about charka a few months ago at The Third Eye Wellness Center, I finally decided to avail myself of the Chakra Balancing Session through ThetaHealing®.

I went there with really no idea what I was getting into.  I had neither hopes or expectations.  Thee receptionist made me sign an information form and led me to this room.  I was told to sit and wait on their soft plushy chair.  The arrangement reminded me of the psychiatrist sessions.  As far as I know, it is not as popular here in the Philippines yet so I've only seen them in movies.

By the side of thee room is a book shelf with book relating to ThetaHealing® being displayed.  My glass of water was also there.

Soon, my ThetaHealer Ishilta came in and asked me if I had any issues to resolve.  I was a bit puzzled since I kind of depicted the Chakra Balancing Session to involve crystals and something metaphysical perhaps?  He told me that he will soon  ThetaHealing® to balance my chakra since it is an quicker and more effective way.  He explained that Reiki which involves using crystals would take longer and it would not resolve my issues so I'd only be temporarily balanced.

I shared the issue I've been burdened with as long as I could remember.  And Ishilta asked clarificatory questions too.  Basically, my issue is really something mentally related.  I always pressure myself to strive harder because I want to be an efficient being who carries the people around me other than vice versa.  I am aware that it is not a good mentality but I go on anyway because I rationalize it by having something positive, the thought that I can be more efficient when I pressure myself.

Ishilta oriented me with the muscle test wherein he would asked me to keep my index finger firmly intact with my thumb.  He would ask questions and if he can break it, it meant that my body is in disagreement with my answer.

He then asked me to close my eyes and give an affirmation to his statements if I approve.  So he touched my hand and asked a lot of questions like "Do you believe that you can... with the power of God in the seventh Plane?" which are the obvious solutions to my problem which in this case is to not pressure myself etc. and I'd answer "yes" all the way till the end.  While he was asking, I just couldn't stop my mind from wandering off in thought.  I had a lot of questions like:
  • What is he doing?  
  • Can he really do something by merely touching?
  • Can I really be changed just by answering yes to all his questions?
  • Do I feel anything different?  It doesn't feel like it.
He then performed the muscle test by asking me the solutions and if I agree with them.  He then tries to break the firmness of my fingers.  I noticed that the muscle test places an important role in this session.  It;s role is to convince me that I have changed and the I can change my belief system.  He explains that once I change my cognitive thinking which is my belief system, it will affect my emotions then body and my chakras will be balanced.  I told him about my eczema the past few years when I was in a lot of stress from my past relationship and pressure and medication couldn't heal it but once I began to be more balanced psychologically and with proper nutrition, it disappeared.  He said that is the proof that like the muscle test, our bodies cannot lie.  It will show our problems.

I also asked if he needed to really touch me to do the healing and he told me "No".  They could already sense our chakras and perform the healing even at the distance but its more intimate and effective on the side of the patient if he is connected with the healer.

Being a skeptic, I was fully aware at how I can control my fingers.  I know when I can firmly hold it or let loose.  I also observed that the way he breaks it if he wants to is different from the way he does it if he didn't want to.  I'm not convinced with the muscle test.  My body can definitely lie because my mind can control it.  And, I know that giving approval will not instantly change my belief system.  Like the way I control my fingers, I too control my mind, my cognitive thinking and my belief system.

So once the session was over, he asked if I feel better.   I honestly told him that I didn't feel anything different.  But his solutions made me realize a lot of things.  Some of it I already know but I am used to my belief system that it became my comfort zone.  He said that is true.  We have negative belief systems because we comfort ourselves by rationalizing its positive effects.  I have to agree with that.  I drank my water and realized on my way out that I felt better.   I had a tiring week.  I lacked sleep that day and I was actually contemplating to go to a spa for a massage instead but was reluctant to cancel my Chakra healing appointment.  I'm not sure if its the ThetaHealing® per se which made me feel better or that I was able to discuss and confront my issue with someone like a psychiatrist session type of way.  Either way, I'm glad I've resolvd my issues and feel much better without the pressure and burden I've imposed on myself.