Dreamt of Puzzles

Seems I've been dreaming more often lately.  I had a difficult time waking up today because I wanted to stay longer making puzzles.  When I was a child, I loved puzzles especially the 3D ones that were prices highly and sold at Rustan's.  We used to go to Rustan's on a weekly basis.  My mom would visit the kitchen section and my siblings and I would always check the toy section.  I'd always check for the latest puzzles as they were displayed in large glass cases.

Growing up, I had to wake up to the truth that time has become less available.  Puzzles were too time consuming and basically useless after I've formed the pieces together and has seen the image similar to the box cover.  I had to stop wasting time and stop wasting money so I quit that silly hobby and be more matured by doing the best acceptable hobby which is to learn the skill of earning money.   Apparently, in my dream its nice to stop and relax once in a while and have time to do pointless things like doing puzzles.  I wanted more of it but I had to wake up and do what I need to do.  I'm glad I had a glimpse of that even for a short while though.