A Recollection of My Weird Dream

I often don't remember my dreams.  In fact, I believe that most of the time I don't have one.  But, for quite some time now I've had a recurring dream.

I was in a grand place, well-lighted with shiny tiled floors.  In every dream I am always on my way to the fourth floor.  This time, I finally reached the fourth floor.  It was an exclusive floor for the prestige suites.  It felt familiar to me like I was a frequent visitor.  The entire floor is covered in dark maroon carpet.  For the stairs, it has a good railing with black grills elegantly designed.  It has a lounge area with a large tall English chairs with thick cushions and a table in between.  There were a lot of people hanging out in that area.  Many would prefer to stand up and socialize.  Some were leaning on the railings.  People were of different races as shown by their appearance.  But all of them were properly clothed.  The women were wearing jewelries and in dresses.  While the men were wearing coat and slacks.  I noticed some people were coming out of their rooms to join in. 

I was casually seating while a small group of people with reddish orange hair and noticeable fair skin were having some sort of occasion.  The tall woman who seems to be in her early twenties with long straight hair wearing a beautiful lightly creased skirt and high heels happily gave a speech and called an old lady handing her something.  The old lady receives it and gave a thanking speech.  The tall young man laughed and also did the same thing and another person came to receive it.  After that, they were doing something I didn't understand so I was merely observing when an old lady noticed me and invited me to join in.  I told her I was not familiar with their custom.  She told me it was simple.  I just need to toss some coin into the pile filed with them to give my blessing and I did.

I was again seating alone when a woman sat beside me.  The woman initiated the conversation by expressing her frustration of her being a sham doctor after an operation had gone wrong.  Because of it, she explains that she had gone through depression and some therapy.  I told her she didn't look like it.  She called the attention of her husband who I didn't notice was just beside her.  She said, "Ain't that right honey?".  Her husband who seemingly looked calm and younger, affirmed with a warm smile as if he fully supports and understood what his wife had went to.  Then their young daughter around 8-10 years old approached her.  I noticed that the girl had the same nose as her mother.  I then told them I was going to leave and stood up.  I Noticed the woman whispered something to her husband as he tried to go after me.  He was quite charming as he told me that they'd like to invite me for dinner sometime and asked my number.  I hesistated at first then took out a piece of paper with something already scribble on it so I wrote at the bottom part.  I tore the bottom part and handed it over to him.  He was stating something about introducing then everything slowly faded as I was warped out by my alarm clock. 

I think I am watching too many dramas and movies lol.  =p  How about you?  Do your dreams have stories too?