How to record an electric guitar - 3 easy solutions

Like playing the electric guitar and would like to record your performance but do not know how to do? In this guide we will explain how to record your guitar directly with your PC without having to spend astronomical sums! I'll show you three possible alternatives, all very valid and simple. It's up to you to choose the most practical solution to operate.

1. Miking the amp: This is definitely the most used technique. Its use is prominent in the recording studio as the quality of the resulting sound is closely related to the quality of the instruments used and therefore it is necessary to use amplifiers, microphones, cables and guitars of a certain thickness. You can find all you need at a store with large selection of acoustic & bass guitars. However, it is possible to obtain satisfactory results by simply using a dynamic microphone positioned a few inches from the case of your amp and directly connected to the PC sound card. Move the microphone laterally and horizontally with respect to the cone of the amp to get the sound that you like best.

2. Using software simulators:  this way is perhaps the most traveled as a hobby because it does not require special instrumentation. Just plug your guitar directly to the sound card of your computer and by using appropriate software to find the sound that best suits your needs! Internet really offers a wide range of choices in this regard.

3. Registering with hardware simulators: this way requires the use of equipment that can act independently from one sound card to your PC. The result is really good (personal experience). About the way to make recordings on the HDD to the PC I would recommend investing some money and buy one nice simulator. The most famous and popular is definitely the POD, but there are several brands on the market. Their price is of a few hundred euro (from 100 to 200 on average ) for a good quality product. These tools serve as "amp modeling" so you can choose from many varieties of amp and effects models inspired by the historically famous of the most renowned brands (Marshall, Crack, Vox ...). Located on "your" sound, simply connect the simulator to the computer via the USB input. As this type of device is an external sound card, it is quite clear that during the recording will not hear your guitar sound from the speakers of your PC, but you just have to insert the headphones in the specific output on the simulator.