The Watch (Movie Review)

The Watch is first shown in the US last July but its only showing on theaters here in Manila just now.  With four known funny actors: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, you'd think this movie will be the bomb for laughter right?

The movie had an out of this world in a weird way of a plot.  Logic will not help you with this movie except that it will hinder you from enjoying the expected humor in the movie.  There were funny moments but nothing that you could not have foreseen given the easily laid out circumstance.

Ben Stiller has his usual role of being a nerd and by the book character.  Vince Vaughn also does the same stint by being cool guy.  Jonah Hill is as expected a mama's boy trying to be bad boy.  And, Richard Ayoade has his accent and weird-geeky persona.

Overall, watch this movie only if you're into simple jokes and have a time for a feel good movie where you could spare a few laughs without minding the plot.

Watch The Watch!!!