Spaoay Spa: Ilocano Theme Spa in Timog Quezon City

Spaoay Spa derived its name from "Spa" and "Paoay" which is a town in the Ilocos region.  It offers time-offered therapies from Paoay which has long believed in the healing power of touch.

spaoay spa
Spaoay Spa is located beside Comida Ilocandia along Timog Avenue between Scout Tobias and Scout Tuazon Street.  You can enjoy their Ilocando Cuisine before you go to a massage or while waiting for your turn.  I've never encountered an Ilocano themed spa before so I'm in full support for this one.  My mom is born and raised from the Ilocos region.  Thus, I have spent all my summers there too.  I have come to know Ilocanos as not only thrifty but also hard-working.  That makes them bound to succeed.  So, for this spa, I came in expecting a bang for the buck massage. =D

spaoay spa
As I entered, the receptionist introduced me to a male therapist who led me to the second floor where I encountered this innovative lamp.

spaoay spa
I was then led to the foot spa area with a comfortable leatherette chair.  I was asked to sit and relax as he soaked my foot in a warm tub of soapy water.  Since they were fully occupied that Saturday evening, it took a while before my therapist, Weng, came with a pair of slippers and led me to a room.

spaoay spa
The room were strategically placed side by side with adequate area size for a comfortable wooden massage bed.  There are four room located on the second floor.  At the end of the corridor is the washing area and the shower room.  I was told that they had two body scrub rooms,  two facial rooms and one shower room on the third level which I did not have the luxury to visit.

Judging from the sounds that became prevalent against the utter silence of the place, the second to the last room must be the therapists' quarters.  The place was not air-conditioned but it was cooled by ceiling fans.  Unfortunate for me, I was am not used to being exposed to direct air so I had to request the receptionist to lower its power because I felt chilly being so bare after all.

The Combination Body Massage (350 php/1 Hour)
My therapist Weng was very courteous as she asked me if I wanted to take a shower before proceeding.  As I was too eager for my massage, I politely refused.  She then asked me to get ready.  After a few minutes, she asked my permission to enter.  She then asked me if I wanted medium or hard and I chose the latter.

Weng begun to massage my back first with the towel on.  As she was doing her job, I asked her about their combination massage.  She told me that after training to be TESDA accredited, they were personally trained by their manager for their Combination Body Massage which is their signature massage.  It is a special application of different technique such as Thai, Shiatsu and Swedish Massage.

After the gentle introduction around my back, Weng begun to massage me with oil starting from the back towards the neck, arms, back legs, foot, front legs, front upper body, back part of the head and lastly, the front part of the head.

I have to admit, this is one of the best massages I have ever had.  The pressure was really delicately hard just the way I requested.  Weng was polite in asking for my approval in every step of the way.  And, she was able to hit all the vital points in perfect streak.  Each part was massage evenly with utmost timing.  I timed it to last at around an hour or so with no preparatory delays.  I didn't feel chilly as each part that was massage is the only part that was momentarily exposed.  Overall, I was completely invigorated by the Combination Body Massage.  Its a service worth every peso.  All the tension in my legs from the hours of standing and roaming around in Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test earlier that day vanished.

ginger ale tea
After my massage, Weng suggested that I lay for a few minutes so my body can adjust and I won't feel drowsy.  She then asked if I wanted some tea and I accepted.  She then brought a tray of tea with a wet towel.  She poured me a warm cup of soothing ginger tea and went out. As soon as I cleansed myself from the wet towel and got dressed.  When I went out, Weng asked me if I needed anything else.  I shyly asked for the rest room.

I was led to the to the rest room which I assume is also the shower room by end of the hall way.  The shower area  had stoned  and pebbled floors and it was equipped with a heater too.

Overall, I would say my trip to Spaoay Spa is not only budget efficient but it was beyond my expectation.  It is an Ilocano theme not only in terms of service but also in values too.  I would definitely recommend my therapist.  Too bad this is a bit far from my place.  But, I'll try to visit again if I have the time.

Spaoay Spa
Address: 33 D Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Contact: (02) 994-7596/709-9041