5 Apps to Assist Your Dieting

Most people go on a diet or exercise program at some point in the life. These diets are either a way for you to lose weight or to eat healthier. There are a number of Smartphone applications that will assist you while attempting to lose weight and gain better health. Utilizing an app for weight control may prove to be very effective as you tend to have your phone with you at all times.


Thin-Cam is an app based food diary. Ask any doctor or nutritionist for advice on losing weight and they will suggest you track your food intake. Thin-Cam allows you to create a photo journal of the food that you are consuming. The photos are categorized by day for a calendar look at your overall food consumption. A bar-code scanner allows you to track nutritional information from food labels. A built-in GPS system will help you find healthy food choices at restaurants near your current location. Cost - $.99 for the full food profile.

Lose It

This app begins with the you inputting current weight, age, and height. The app will supply you with a daily calorie range for safe weight loss. Lose it allows you to determine how much weight a week you desire to lose and the calorie budget is centred on this provided information. One handy feature of this application is the ability for you to connect with other users for dieting support. A built-in graph will showcase your progress which helps to keep you motivated. Cost: Free

Calorie Counter

FatSecret designed the Calorie Counter application. This calorie counter differs from others by having a huge database of restaurant and grocery store items available. The database includes almost any restaurant meal so that you are able to determine the calorie count prior to ordering. The food tracker and exercise log tracks the calories that you have consumed against the calories that you have burned. Cost: Free

Cardio Trainer

Cardio Trainer tracks any exercise and calculates your daily calorie burn. The built in GPS system and pedometer will track the mileage of your run or walk. This app has a music player to listen to while working out and a friend finder that provides support from friends and other dieters. The heart rate monitor allows you to determine if you are exercising at the optimal level for increased health. Cost: Free


Footsteps is an easy to use application that helps you track your daily exercise. Footsteps is a pedometer app that tracks steps while you are walking or running. One of the features include a timer that you may pre-set that will sound when the predetermined time or distance has been achieved. This app automatically pauses when you stop moving. Calories burned are calculated and the pacer helps you stay at your desired intensity level. One unique feature of the Footsteps application is the ability to merge your iPod music with the app. This allows you the ability to listen to your favourite music while working out. Cost: Free Author Bio Allyson is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist from Sydney, Australia. She believes that the essentials to successful dieting are exercise and a healthy diet with vitamin and protein supplements where required. Allyson says Apps are a great way to monitor calorie intake and expenditure and recommends them to all her clients.