Green Sofa Cleaning

Having many pets, getting our upholstery stained is inevitable.  Even if our pets are well groomed, their dry skin can stick to the sofa at times.  These pets love to go up and cuddle on the couch as we watch TV.  But, its not only animal error, as we often spill drinks and food while watching an intense TV show too.  

We've been browsing the supermarket for some non-toxic solution that's safe for pets but sadly there was none.  We tried cleaning it by brushing and vacuum and soap but it just doesn't solve the problem. Then, I heard about Green Sofa Cleaning by Green Choice where they use organic solutions and get the job done for you.  The whole process is safe for humans, pets and more importantly the environment.  

Being in the business for more than 20 years, its no surprise that their staffs are properly trained, knowledgeable and courteous. They know their work and get the job done by themselves.  They do are quick to start and don't delay.  In fact, they can even transform your upholstery to a squeaky clean state within a day if that's what you need.  

Most of my family members are prone to allergy especially my little sister who has asthma so we need our couch thoroughly.  Green Choice does that for us.  Although their service may cost more and take longer time than others but at least we are assured that dust mites and other particles that can cause irritation and harm is gone. 

Check them out and see if they are servicing area near you.