I Fancy Beads Jewelry!

We all have a desire to mark our identity.  We try to personalize and define who we are in the way we do things and what we wear.  It can be through our hats, coats, shoes or jewelry.  In fact, most girls use jewelry to accent their style.

Recently, my schoolmates and I have been hooked in Beads Jewelry.  Why?  Because the designs you can make through a Beads Jewelry are endless.  The price per bead is also very affordable which makes it appealing to anyone.  The beads have a wide range of prices so you can decide according to your budget.  You can also decide the number of beads you want to include in your jewelry.
What makes the  Beads Jewelry appealing is that you can make your jewelry more meaningful.  For example, last Christmas, I gave my sister a bead bracelet with a guitar and a music note bead because she is a music lover.  She loved it so much that she wears it everyday because she knows its really "hers" because it defines who she is.

Image from chamilia.com
On the other hand, being an abstract person, I prefer things that are simple like a charm with my birthstone.  I also dig the letter charms.

Have you tried creating your own  Beads Jewelry?  I bet you'd enjoy it because of the wonderful selection of trendy beads.  I hope you get to try making one.  Aside from using it personally, it's a great keepsake item to give as a gift too.