Water Helps You Lose Weight

Water Helps You Lose Weight – Fact or Fiction?

New research is claming that water helps people lose weight. Even though this research may be hard to believe, the evidence is startling and provides plenty of motivation to drink up! Water in and of itself is healthy because after all, a large percentage of an adult human’s body is made of water. How much water, you may be wondering? Well, 50 to 65% of your body is made out of water, to be precise. Water keeps us alive, but it also gives you many healthy benefits.

Water Helps Prevent You from Wanting to Eat More

Curve your appetite with water. The fact of the matter is that the more water you drink, the less your appetite will be. This doesn’t mean starve yourself. But if you’re trying to stay away from snacks or eat less, your body may not be hungry even though you think you’re hungry. Instead, your body may be telling you that you’re thirsty! So instead of eating more food, drink more water because it will act as an appetite suppressant.

Water Tones the Muscles

Muscles are in constant need of water so that they can replenish themselves after a hard workout. If you’re not bringing a water bottle to the gym or drinking a lot of water afterwards, don’t forget to hydrate your body! You won’t see any increase in muscles if you’re not drinking enough water. Up your intake in water, lift weights, and you should see a big difference (quite literally,) sooner rather than later.

If you Feel Tired and Sluggish, Drink Water!

Water not only breaks down fat and builds muscles, but it also gives you energy throughout the day. If you’re not drinking enough water, this may mean that you’re feeling tired and grumpy, am I right? Take the time to take a break during work and play and drink plenty of water.

These Facts Help Me Lose Weight How?

You’re probably wondering what all of these random facts have to do with losing weight, am I correct? Well, in summary, all of these factors play a huge part in your overall health and taking care of your body. If you’re not taking care of your body and providing it with the right nutrients and water, then the bad news is that you’re not going to lose weight.

Water helps the liver metabolize fat, but it needs plenty of water to make this happen. Otherwise the fat is stored and there’s a possibility of gaining weight. So stop forgetting to drink water. Drink your water and reap the benefits. Your body will become stronger, happier, and thinner, depending on your daily nutrition and how well you’re taking care of yourself on a daily basis.

Sierra is a blogger and is currently on a quest to become healthier.  She’s drinking lots of water and takes supplements such as glucosamine chondroitin, which helps prevent joint pain after exercising.