FREE tickets to Lorax as the Climate Change Commission Launches Video Ad

If you can recall, we did a review on the movie "The Lorax" (see previous entry).  Two weeks ago, the Climate Change Commission gave out FREE premiere tickets to the movie "The Lorax" at SM North Edsa because the movie is relevant TODAY especially in the Philippines.  The Philippine Ecosystems have changed more rapidly due to deforestation, pollution, urban congestion, marine and coastal degradation and loss of biodiversity.

I'm sure we've felt the consequences.  We always been keen to updates on death tolls in the news whenever we hear of landslides and floods.  But, did we ever do our part to prevent them from happening again?  Last year, my classmates and I went to Calatagan, Batangas as part of our social involvement for our Corporate Social Responsibility Class and it saddens me to find out that there is whitening of the coral reefs.  It means that most of the coral reefs are dying and it's too late to save them. =(  I hope we can still do something for the rest.

Secretary Mary Ann Lucille Sering reminds us that "Trees are very important in the country's roadmap in the battle against climate change, they clean the air while at the same time serving as carbon sinks."  I agree with her.  Which is why I wonder why the government has allowed the mining plans that will take place in Palawan.  It is one of the beautiful forests that the Philippines has left and yet it will be destroyed and the contamination will spread throughout the lands of Mindanao and more.

Last November 2011, the NCCAP was approved by President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.  It has seven thematic priorities which includes the Ecosystem and Environmental stability.  Environmental sustainability means maintaining healthy and stable ecosystems which is a necessity amidst climate change.

Secretary Sering adds "adapting to climate change requires the action of everyone.  We need to have everyone informed of what they can do to save the environment, and in the long run, the future generations.  We have to act now if we want our children to have genuine trees in their time."   If you recall, we have previously shared our tree planting (see previous entry) and coastal cleanup (see previous entry) experience.  It's been very fulfilling for us so I encourage everyone to act now too! =D

In cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAid), the Climate Change Commission aims to share the morale of the story to the young and old as they launch the video ad during "The Lorax" premiere.  We, together with the winners in the Climate Change Commission facebook and twitter account got to preview the new video ad that will be shown in all SM and Ayala cinemas for one whole year.
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According to Secretary Sering, "our video will show that people from all walks of life should be involved in addressing climate change.  Small actions count big, and collectively they can make an impact.  It's not too late.  We still have genuine trees around us.  Climate change is here and we need to adapt.  Let's take care of the environment and we will be more climate-resilient in the future."
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