My Landmarks Forum Experience

I've been hearing a lot about Landmarks Forums from my relatives.  In fact, all of them have taken the basic and advanced courses.  For quite some time, they have been persuading us to enroll too.  Last night, as promised, we visited our cousins home to attend the special type of Landmarks Forum Intro.  I brought Kurt along since I thought we could learn from it.  Not that I have any positive or negative impression about Landmarks specifically.  I just believe that we can learn from every experience and every opportunity.

We were asked to register in a card where we would place all our essential information so they can do a "follow up" after the introduction.  We were also given a catalogue.  Then the Introduction leader or speaker began his speech with illustrations which were made to emphasize simple concepts:
1.  We are currently limited by ourselves through our own "blind spots" and that the three days of a non-linear Landmarks Forum Education will teach us to identify our blind spots and make them disappear.
2.  By making our "blind spots" disappear, we are able to reach our goals at a shorter span in time and this will make us feel more complete.
3. Anything is possible i.e. Money, Dreams, Relationships can be achieved in a shorter span of time
4. The Landmarks Forum Education is not some sort of fixing or improvisational.

By the end of the night, they were very persistent in persuading us to commit ourselves and make the initial deposit of 5,000 php.  Everyone in my family could not commit to go.  They all had busy schedules.  Everyone knows that I was the easiest to convince.  I know that too.  Because, I have this endless enthusiasm for everything.  I promised I'd think about it so here are my thoughts.

Why weren't we convinced to enroll at Landmarks Forum
1. We had a speaker who is a reputable consultant or trainer so I have no doubt in my mind that he would be a good one.  The speaker gave us stories about the experience of Landmarks graduates.  The stories initially sounded exciting but the story shifts without a satisfying conclusion.
2.  My entire relatives shared their experience.  Problem is we couldn't relate to them since we never encountered those problems.  If we did we must have surpassed them some time ago through self-realization.
3.  They are selling a concept that is too vague to be priced 25,500 php and their selling point is that it is vague because it is something extremely wonderful.  Honestly, it sounds similar to all marketing speeches we've encountered before.
4. It is only effective if you pay for it.
5. You can never blame Landmarks because it is only responsible for unlocking your "blind spots".  So  there's no real guarantee for the money I will shell out.
6. The idea that my relatives and the speaker's family and friends are insistent in persuading us to enroll despite that their doing it for free with the thought of helping us and the whole nation is kinda creepy.  I don't ever want to see myself or Kurt doing that.  If the Landmarks Education is one big package with this tiny bonus where I have to persuade others to feel that I'm changing the world, I'd rather skip it.
7. I want to add meaning to my life through my own self-learning and realization.
8.  I know that we will learn something from the Landmarks Forum that may or may not change our lives.  But, I could not correlate the benefits to the enrollment fee of 25,500 php.
9. I don't believe that there is one ultimate technique that is applicable to everyone.
10. The Landmarks Forum is said to improve relationships and help you connect with others.  I grew up with my cousins and have known them my entire life.  There is nothing in our relationship that has changed.  So what if, what they feel within is not as great as what actually is?  Would that mean that while they are being sincere, they could be selling us something that is exaggerated.
11.  They can't give me a specific reason as to why I should enroll.

Why should I give Landmarks Forum a second thought
1. The speech was so long and my relatives shared their problems to us which was something difficult. I know they only did that because they cared for us and perhaps they are right.
2. I have the time.

If you know Landmarks Forum perhaps you can add some thoughts?