Lazer Xtreme at Alabang Town Center

I had so much fun from our last Lazer Xtreme Experience at Market! Market! (see previous entry) that I wanted to try the Lazer Xtreme at Alabang Town Center after hearing that it had a larger arena.

Upon entry, we observed that the Lazer Xtreme at Alabang Town Center is indeed bigger.  It even had a viewing deck that allows you to peek the players inside.  However, it was too dark to distinguish anyone.  Aside from that they have a large function rooms.

Hope the ladies here were more enthusiastic
Eager to play, we went to the counter to join the next batch of Lazer Xtreme players.  The game rates are the same as the ones at Market! Market!  The price is 170 php on weekdays and 190 php on weekends.  We deposited our belongings at the counter since they don't have lockers like those at the Market! Market! branch yet.

Once the schedule time arrived, we gave our game stubs and entered the preparatory room.
We found ourselves among teenagers.  The boys chose the blue color while the girls choose the red color.  There were around ten players for each team.  Kurt and I were clearly outnumbered because only the two of us represented the pink team.

The arena was bigger than that of Lazer Xtreme Market! Market!  We wanted to roam around the second floor but the blue team were guarding it.  Sad to say, our lasers from the ground are useful against them. The girls from the red team kept on charging the blue team upstairs.  We tried to penetrate the second level but we were always ambushed by both teams so we just tried our best to shoot at any player we see.  The knowledge and tips we learned during our games at Lazer Xtreme Market! Market! was pretty useful so Kurt and I were able to gain the top two ranking.  Although there was no sign, the kuya who gave out our scores told us that the free iced tea for the top one is also valid there so we claimed it at the snack bar.
The snack bar looks pretty much the same as the other branch except that it didn't have menu boards yet.

Overall, Lazer Xtreme is really a fun activity.  It's a game of both reflex and strategy.  Hope you guys try it!

LazerXtreme Alabang Town Center
Alabang-Zapote Road,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines