Facial Treatment at Zen Institute Sofitel

Ever since I was a teenager, I would go to the dermatologist to have my face cleaned.  This year, I invited my little sisters to have our Facial Treatment at Zen Institute Sofitel.

Zen Institute Sofitel is located at the ground floor inside Le Spa.  Le Spa had a serene and cozy atmosphere.  We didn't mind hanging out there and waiting for our turn.

Soon, it was finally my turn. I was asked to change into their slippers and I was escorted to the second floor.

I was led into a large room with a single bed.  The room was probably good for something else too since there were machines, a shower room and a sink.

The staff then proceeded with my Facial Treatment.  She was very professional that she explain what she is doing to my face every step of the way from cleansing with the towel in the beginning up to the ending when she applied the moisturizer.

To assure you that they did their job, they will show you all the dirt they gathered from your face.  I thought "There goes my blackheads!" as soon as I saw the dirty piece of paper napkin.  I also observed that they sterilize their supplies too.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the Zen Institute's Facial Treatment.  I prefer the facial treatment at Zen Institute compared to those of a dermatologist.  Because of their modern and systematic procedure, the pain was minimized.  But, it does come with a price.   Zen Institute's Facial Treatment costs 2,000 php.

Zen Institute Sofitel
Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila
CCP Complex,Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City 1300
Metro Manila, Philipinnes
Tel nos. 5515555 local numbers 1524 and 1542
Direct line: 8326957
EMAIL: drmj@thezeninstitute.com