Coal Mines Insurance is a Neccessity

Coal is a black combustible sedimentary rock.  From the past until present, coal is an important source of energy.  It is burned as a fossil fuel to produce electricity and heat.  As technology progresses, we become more and more reliant on electricity.  Coal can also be used to refine metals.  Clearly, coal is an essential factor in our lives.

Unfortunately, coal is difficult to extract especially with deep coal mining extractions.  Coal mining requires the manual exploration.  This is one field wherein machinery cannot be fully relied upon.  Coal mining exposes coal mine workers into accidents which are almost impossible to prevent.  Throughout history there have been many coal mine accidents that have caused deaths to thousand of coal miners.  Just last April 25, 2006, the Tasmania's Beaconsfield Mine collapse trapped 3 mine workers wherein one worker died.  In China, an accident on November 2009 caused the death of at least 104 workers.

It's a good thing that Coal Mines Insurance is made available to the coal miners.  There are many benefits as to coal mine insurance:
1.  Coal miners will receive compensation benefits when they are injured or incur diseases in relation to their occupation.  Those injuries may be too costly to be shouldered by the employers alone.
2. Through Coal Mines Insurance, the coal miners are assured that they will be provided the best care possible and that their hard work is not taken lightly.
3. Coal mine worker's families need not worry about the dark uncertainties brought about by coal mining work.
4. Coal mine employers need to pay a fixed amount of premium for their workers so they need not expose themselves to expenses brought about by accidents which may be detrimental to their operational funds.
5. Coal mine employers can focus themselves in deciding their operations and not on labor matters.
6. More coal mine employers will be available since they are assured of a promising future even if they will be injured or incur diseases in the future.

Overall,  Coal Mines Insurance is a great product.  Surely, it will benefit coal mine workers and employers in many years to come.