TV Buying Guide and LCD TV Review: 40 inch Toshiba Regza LCD TV model 40PB10E

After 10 long years, our old television decided to retire.  It didn't want to turn on after a power glitch occurred.  Deciding on a replacement wasn't easy.  We're not sure what the family wanted.  I personally don't mind at all since I don't watch that much.  Being in the business of selling tvs, we had the chance to try out several televisions and finally settled for the 40 inch Toshiba Regza LCD TV modelled 40PB10E (priced at 29,500 php to date).  
The first thing we needed to decide on is whether we wanted a Plasma TV or an LCD TV.  Surely, a Plasma TV offers better quality for both television and movie.  It also has a very long life of 30 years.  But, considering the it consumes more electricity, we opted for an LCD TV.  Electricity is expensive in our country and it increases from time to time.  We measured the distance from the couch to the place of the television and determined that 40 inches was the right TV size.

We chose Toshiba because according to the technicians it is the most durable brand.  It rarely has an problems.  Here in the Philippines though, I noticed that Samsung is more popular.
It was installed by the technician and soon the channels were programmed one by one.  The 40 inch Toshiba Regza LCD TV modelled 40PB10E shows both television and HD movies are beautifully shown.  You just have to know the right settings otherwise the picture might look grainy.  As soon as the technician left, my brother was so excited he played his PlayStation 3 all night long.