Movie Review: J. Edgar

J. Edgar is a drama and biography about Federal Bureau of Investigation  (FBI) director J. Edgar Hoover on how he managed to hold on to his position and how he managed to establish the Federal Bureau of Investigation according to his ideals.  This involves his visions, life lessons, secrets and more.  However, this is not an in-dept biography but merely a great introduction.
The acting by Leonardo DiCaprio was stunningly amazing as he brought the whole drama to realism.  Perhaps, he could even win some awards.  DiCaprio and his co-star Armie Hammer was able to pull off it off with chemistry.  Their portrayal was pretty good.

The narration, order of the scenes, visual effects were sufficient to support the story.  Although the make up is a bit flawed especially with Clyde Tolson's character.

Overall, the movie was interesting to watch.  I found myself immersed into the show curious about how his life went on.  However, it may not be for everyone as we saw quite a number of audience walk out during the show.
Watch J. Edgar!