Food Trauma from Mexicali Restaurant and 500PesoDeals.Com

My mom is not much of a fan of Mexican food but she loved Mexicali.  So when we saw this deal from 500PesoDeals.Com wherein we would get an El Gordo Burrito (295 php) plus a 16 oz Iced Tea (45 php) for only 200 php, we bought five of it.  

Everyone was excited as we went to the Mexicali Restaurant at Robinson's Place Manila.  We had to choose that branch because it was very near our home.  So we gave our vouchers to the manager.  She then returned and told us that our voucher with a quantity of 5 is only valid for ONE El Gordo Burrito meal.  All of us were very disappointed.  Why else would we pay 1,000 php (200 php x 5) for  ONE El Gordo Burrito meal worth 340 php?!?  We told her it wouldn't be a deal if we would lose money but she was said " Yun nga po eh mas lugi pa nga po kayo" (That's right you lose more with the deal).  Since all the others were closing around that time, we dined there not using the vouchers but asked her to call her superiors.  When we finished eating, she still insisted on her beliefs based on her supposed training.  We spoke to her superior who said we were right but the manager still didn't want to concede.  We didn't . bother resolving it with her as we were all just tired.  We paid our bill and left.  

When we came home, I immediately emailed 500PesoDeals.Com but recieved no reply.  I sent 2 more emails but to no avail.  Frustrated, I posted on the 500PesoDeals.Com fanpage informing them I sent an email and that I am awaiting their reply thinking that they might not have checked their email.  The next day, they removed my post and I was blocked from the 500PesoDeals.Com fanpage.  Until now, I could view their fan page but could not comment there.  My family was telling me that perhaps 500PesoDeals.Com is intentionally ignoring my emails and posts and that it was a scam.  I was at disbelief because they partnered with Mexicali which is a reputable chain of restaurants so I emailed them again.

Due to our futile attempt with the emails, I posted on the Mexicali Restaurant Fanpage while tagging the 500PesoDeals.Com stating that as paying customers we deserved outmost respect.  Suddenly, 500PesoDeals.Com replied on my email and we had the following exchanges through email.
August 26, 2011 Email

August 31, 2011 Email
My reply and problem resolution
Everyone in the family was pissed and embarrassed over the matter so even though it was settled, we had to wait some time before claiming our coupon.  I was the only one who still wanted to go back.  When the day came when my family finally agreed to claim it with me, the manager was absent and the staff did not know about the voucher so they didn't want to honor it.  Again, we had to call their head office until they agreed.  The staffs looked unhappy.  Once the El Gourdo was served, we requested for the iced tea which they again didn't know about so so again with the tedious process.  There was an extra El Gourdo since we could no longer convince my little sister to eat with us so I brought it home.  I was the only one who wanted to eat it so I did.  
White Hair Surprise!
In the middle of my El Gourdo there was a really long white hair which I had to pull out from my half-eaten El Gourdo Burrito.  =(  I was so disgusted that I wanted to cry.  I'm writing this now as I looked at all the pictures I took with the intention that I could review Mexicali's food on my food blog objectively.  But honestly, until now, I could still recall the incident.  I guess there are traumatic experiences, I could not let go yet.