Keesh Wellness Spa: Relaxing Collagen Facial and Body Massage (Maginhawa Diliman Quezon City)

Friends and family have long telling me to slow down and relax a bit.  Being a workaholic, I have found it difficult to allocate for pampering time.  Fortunately, a friend recommended a spa near my workplace called Keesh Wellness Spa.

keesh wellness spa
It is located in Maginhawa Diliman near Mini Stop.

keesh wellness spa
The only problem is their store visibility.  See that white tarpaulin?  That is their only signage.  I had to walk inside the shop to ask where the spa is actually located.  They pointed me to the driveway on the left side which had a staircase leading to the second floor. 

keesh wellness spa
Once you head up, you can easily find it.

keesh wellness spa
Check out this hidden lovely place!

keesh wellness spa
I tried their Swedish Spa which was affordable!  Only 300 php for 1 hour.  My massage therapist Clemen was very courteous.  The massage was so good.  I was actually dozed off.

keesh wellness spa

I thought the Collagen Facial will take place here.  But, it's actually also in bed.  I've been neglecting my face.  Yes!!! I needed this!  My face is always irritated but Keesh was able to do a great job with the cleaning and collagen mask.  For only 400 php, I am happy to say, I was more satisfied witht he facial than the massage. 

keesh wellness spa price list
Keesh also has promo packages which you can avail of for more savings. 

Keesh Wellness Spa
Second Floor
978 Maginhawa, Diliman,
Quezon City, Metro Manila