Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue: Acupunture Resolved My Mysterious Flu-like Symptoms

I thought I was becoming healthier.  Last May 29, I enrolled in yoga class.  (Determined to fix my rounded back and shoulders which I had since college.  Beginning June, I drank lemon water first thing in the morning.  I substituted Old Town 2-in-1 Coffee for teas (black, earl grey, chrysanthenum,matcha, chamomile and green tea) and hot chocolate made from unsweetened pure cocoa tablea.  For snacks, it was an apple or a handful or salted almonds.  Yet when rainy days came, I was surprised to be instantly sick with flu-like symptoms.  I had head aches, fatigue, chills, runny knows, itchy eye lids, teary etes and frequent urination.

I had to miss two weeks of yoga.  I had to take a sick leave from work.  Yet despite all the healthy foods, vitamins, flu medicine and rest, I was not getting any better.  By June 17, I literally felt like sh*t.  I couldn't do any work because my head was cloudy and my eyes felt strained, my eyelids were itching badly, I was too weak to take the stairs which was my daily routine, I was chilly despite wearing two jackets, I had runny nose, I was restless and couldn't sleep.  I was worried about my seminar the next day which does not allow absence.  Supposing I attend, I couldn't have as much rest room breaks.
Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue
Out of desperation, I resolved to seek the aid of an acupunturist.  I've tried an acupunturist twice before and it was able to address my issues which traditonal medicine couldn't solve.

Initially, I  googled for an acupunturist in Quezon City where I work so I could visit duting lunch break. I found INAM and tried to call them but no response.  I then resolved to wait until after work.  I checked the website of Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue for his schedule.  How convenient that he has clinic hours from 4 to 8 (after work hours!) at PGH so I quickly pm'd him.  As he replied within a few minutes, I had a sigh of relief.

I arrived at the Family medicine clinic at PGH at around 6:45 pm.  Dr. Philip was rhe sole Doctor available there so naturally, patients in line were his patients.  I had to wait 15 minutes before it was my turn.

As this was my second visit, I have confirmed Dr. Philip's approach.  Unlike the extensive checklist of status and forms from my previous visit to Regina Liu, Dr. Philip simply asks what is your problem that you would like him to resolve and after he quickly inspects your tongue and in my case, also the wrist, he will initiate his acupuncture.  He stated that I was "hamog na hamog".  He told me he would make my back sweat.

I had around 6 needles on the front side (15 minutes), 2 needles at the back and 1 on top of my head (15 minutes).

By 9 pm, I messaged Dr. Philip that I was feeling but not near sweating point. He advised me to wrap up.  So by  11 pm, I slept with 2 layered blankets.  I sweat from head to toe during the night despite having the aircon switched on.  I woke up the next morning from one of the best sleep I've had this year perhaps.

Now, I am attending the seminar. Eyes still feeling a bit dried but, eye lids are no longer swollen and itchy.  I can touch it comfortably.  Despite feeling a bit weak like recovering from illness, I no longer have chills, runny nose and frequent urination.

So confirmed, Dr. Philips acupunture is effective.  After 3 weeks of trying to resolve the problem, I finally found relief within hours!