iprice.ph: Top 5 Features of this New One Stop E-Commerce Consolidation Site

Perhaps, it's the intense heat and dry sticky atmosphere, the terrible unsolved traffic and price hike of our commute hubs that made me so lazy to go out to shop.  Good thing, there's online shopping for people like me.  As multiple e-commerce shops are sprouting about, the next thing I was asking for is one site to stop by where all the best deals are and that's when I discovered iprice.ph.

iprice.ph headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, now serves online shoppers across seven countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

Here are the features I like in iprice.ph:

1. Searching by Brands

When shopping across the-commerce jungle where I can't physically try out or test the item, I have this wise tactic of sticking with my favorite brands to assure my satisfaction.  Good thing I can search by brands through iprice.ph.

2. Searching by Item Category
Next to brand searching, you can also select the specific item you need.  Rushing to buy a dress for a party?  Then, click on.  So easy right?

3. Search by Various Filters
Aside from lists, there are various filters by:
  • Gender
  • Item Categorizes
  • Price Range
  • Brands
  • Store
 4. Save More with Coupon Codes and Offers
You can save more using different coupon codes and see good offers from iprice.ph partner stores.

5. Sign up on their newsletter for updates
You can be updated with the latest products and offers through their newsletter.