Experience the Simplicity of a Signature Look

If your current position of employment requires that your attire fit the description of business casual or professional, you know how important it can be to find a reliable source that offers the style of clothing you need. Chances are, you don't want to spend a considerable portion of your leisure time searching for clothes. Van Heusen shirts and pants can be your go-to collection for business attire and for clothing that will have you looking sharp at work and well-dressed for social events.

Filling your closet

You can make mornings less stressful if you have your collection of clothing strategically arranged in your closet. Choose an organizational system that works for you. You may want organize your shirts and pants by color or you may want to pair your pants and shirts together, along with any accessories you plan to wear, and have a total package ensemble right at you fingertips each day.


A specific attire may be required by your employer, but comfort should be one of your personal requirements. Van Heusen clothing is made from soft, comfortable material that enables you to look good and feel great when wearing clothing from their collection.

When you find comfortable, well-made, durable, business casual clothing, you may also want to make it the clothing you wear to evening and weekend social events. Co-workers, clients and friends may associate your signature clothing style with affluence, professionalism and high standards.