Breakout Philippines Experience in Trinoma Mall: The Zombie Room

Yesterday, I was invited to try by Breakout Philippines along with other bloggers to try their special event called "The Zombie Room" that is available in Trinoma from February 20 to March 22, 2015.  By special, it meant that it only lasts 30 minutes compared to the usual 45 minutes and they offer a special rate of 300 (plus 50 php surcharge) instead of 400 for online bookings.

I was excited since I've always been found of puzzle games since childhood.  In fact, this was not the first time for me.  After, hearing about it from my brother who played the Breakout Philippines' Room 13 with his friends, my cousins and I played Breakout Philippines' Prison Room.

The Zombie Room is located at the Trinoma garden area (outside the cinemas next to Starbucks).  It can accommodate a maximum of 8 players at a time.  As soon as I got there on our scheduled time, I was teamed up with 7 other bloggers.  We were oriented and made to sign a waiver.  We deposited our belongings (everything except our wallet).  Then, we were blind-folder and led across 7 steps and a dark room where an intro story was played.
Orientation with Mr. Adrian Benapayo
Compared to the Prison Room, The Zombie Room is guaranteed to bring more adrenaline rush as there are live moving zombies in the room with you!

Blogger Team
When I was young, my cousins and I used to go through haunted house in amusement parks like Star City and Boom na Boom (now no longer existent) and we'd always find it lame and wondered what the groups ahead of us where screaming about.  Well, last night I finally understood why or how.  As we were led to the dark room blind folder, my co-blogger Athena was so scared and squeezing my hard in fear, she along with the rest of the group were screaming or shrieking.  I couldn't hear the intro and I heard "Kuya, wag po! and some other frightened words.  And, then the game marshall announced that the game has begun and we have only 30 minutes to escape.   I guess Athena was so rattled that when I approached her to ask if they found anything, she was started and said she almost had a heart attack.  It took a few minutes of good breathing before she was able to recover.  As the game progressed, my co-bloggers were shouting from time to time, "Ah hala ayan na yung zombie!"  "Waaaa, ayan ayan na kakainin na tayo" etc.  I'm not sure if everyone was able to grasp that we were supposed to find clues and solve them like a puzzle to escape together.  After 30 minutes, we failed.  As soon as we came out, I asked what stage of completion did we accomplish.  I was told that we reached 50%.   We then, had our group photo taken.

Will I go back and try Breakout Philippines?  Definitely! It's really addictive.  Once you've tried it, you'd want to come back for more.  I realized that each game is a different experience because, not only are the rooms a varying factor, the outcome and experience also depends on the people you play it with.  Having played this the first time with cousins (all 18 of us divided into 3 team challenging each other), I could compare the experience if you've played it with family or friends who you are familiar with from playing it with acquaintances.  I recommend playing it with the former is way better since the game is a puzzle game (on top of the horror factor) which is a test of wits and teamwork.  When I played the Prison Room last year with my cousins, we all failed but accomplished until 80%.  We then discussed the game over dinner and it's funny at how we all got there even though we found different clues or analyzed the clues differently.  Combining everything and analyzing them together after, we could already hypothesize the potential answer. On the other hand, I have to come back and play The Zombie Room or I'll forever be clueless as to what the other puzzle pieces were found by my team mates.

So bring along your friends, family or co-workers and try the The Zombie Room while you can!  With the real live zombies, you'll know what it feels like to fear being eaten alive.  I bet that will really bring out your survival instincts, pump up your adrenaline and push your brain to its maximum.

You can book a schedule at  I suggest online booking as it's more convenient.  We've booked several times via this method. 

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