The Function of Uniforms in Restaurants

The purpose of uniforms in a restaurant is mainly to provide a professional look to the staff. It distinguishes them from the guests as well as helping support the theme of the establishment. Restaurant uniforms also serves several useful functions.

Employee Uniforms

The employee’s uniform is another way to show customer’s what style of restaurant they're in. Casual settings may only require matching t-shirts while fine dining is accompanied by staff in full uniform. This makes it easier for the customer to spot the employees. By dressing alike, the employees will feel more pride in their work. Uniforms create an environment that is professional and more enjoyable to be a part of.

Chef’s Uniform

The chef’s uniform stands out. It includes the toque hat, a double breasted white jacket, and black or checkered pants. The jacket provides protection from the heat of the oven and stove while preventing boiling liquids that splatter from harming the chef. The white symbolizes cleanliness, and the entire jacket can be reversed once stained. The hat has been a part of the chef’s uniform since the 16th century. Its height indicates a chef’s ranking within the kitchen.

Together, the chef’s and staff’s uniforms can create a professional appearance for any eating establishment. Uniforms that will support the restaurant’s theme and offer protection to each individual can be found at sites such as Averill’s Sharper Uniforms or in retail stores.