Uratex I Trust U! #itrustu #itrusturatex

Oh Uratex, you're probably heard so many praises given you're distinguished status.  But, I just have to say and tell the world how much I Trust U!

I Trust U because U have always been the center of our home.

From my tender years till now, we have relied on U Uratex.  They say home is where the heart is.  That is certainly true.  But, do you know what the heart of our home is?  It is U, most treasured Uratex Mattress Bed!

U have been our mainstay.  U have been our soft and securing cradle as we lay to rest when we are tired.  U have been our comforting sturdy and durable ground even as we wake up, play and watch TV.

Uratex Plant
U have no idea how much I've waited to visit you at the Uratex Plant.  At the Uratex Plant tour, I've learned more about U and I have more reasons to Trust U even more.

Uratex Plant Laboratory
U've garnered so many awards.  U're a Superbrand and a Trusted Brand.  But, U don't stop there.  U continue to be research and excel.  With U're Quali 5 Cellular Technology, U now guarantee high and world class quality.

Uratex Mattress Bed
U've innovated the best sleep science and offered dedicated showrooms so we could select the most suitable mattress for us. U've transformed our lives with U're top-notch sleep solutions.

Till now U, my Uratex Matress, have been my source of joy and relaxation.

Uratex Products
 And, U're now even more!  You've evolve into something greater!

U're not just the center of our home.  Since I Trust U, I trust Uratex, U're now every part of our home.  With U're trendy styles, consistent reliability and superb quality, I Trust U!