Dr. Philip Niño Tan-Gatue: Acupunture Theraphy for Eczema and Blood Circulation

It's been 3 years since I first encountered eczema on my left leg.  It started out as three mosquito bites then it became a coin-size scabby wound.  It was very itchy and my ex and I foolishly applied alcohol and "katinko" on it for itch relief which made it weep and it spread to areas that the weeping touched.

A few months later, it still wouldn't heal so as my medical student little sister suggested back then, I consulted a dermatologist who instructed me to apply cortisone cream (weeping eczema) and ointment (dry eczema) on it.  Like magic it heal but left dark scar marks which are now lighter but still distinguishable.

The doctor also instructed me to always wear pants as to avoid mosquito bites as it can again transform into eczema.  If ever I do have some again, I should apply cortisone immediately so they can heal faster and I can avoid scars.

Two years ago, a new eczema formed on my left elbow.  This time, it weeped a lot and spread faster.  As told, I applied my cortisone cream and it disappeared.  A few days later, I had a Thai message and after, my eczema got bigger so I applied cortisone again.

After a swim in a pool in Tagaytay Haven Hotel, the left elbow eczema became bigger, tremendous wept with burning sensation.  I also had eczema all over my arms, legs, chest and even a spot on my cheek.  Thus, I went to visit the doctor again who said I have to avoid bacterial infection from swimming pools on top of mosquito bites.  I was prescribed three weeks worth of cortisone ointment and cream as well as anti-histamine amounting to 4,000 php worth.  And, I applied them as instructed.  As I applied my medication, I felt that my body was not taking it too well as more and more eczema appeared on places where I did not put medication.  I also hated the antihistamine because it made me drowsy and incapable of thinking and focusing.  I was also feeling chilly.  My sinusitis is bad and I easily caught colds and flu.  I was allergic to new things I was never allergic before like shampoos, soaps, chocolates, shelled seafood, milk, sugar, peanuts, egg and more!!!

That's when I decided to stop with the cortisones after the prescribed period and do some research on the net.  It opened me to so many things like how traditional medicine are treating the symptoms and not the root causes.  I'm not saying that conventional medicine is bad.  It just doesn't help in my case.  I felt that my problem is holistic and beyond just the skin which conventional medicine addresses.  I begun to change my lifestyle like nutririon intake, getting sunshine and exercise.  The conversion was really difficult phase for me because it swayed away from conventional medicine which my sister specializes in.  It was also an indirect insult to my mom since I swayed away from her nutritional prepared food which she learned from her subject in nutrition in college and from taking care of grandmother (who had been on a stroke for 20 years).  While, I am an accounting graduate and law student with zero knowledge in nutrition and my sole source is the internet.  The family thought I was crazy!  I had a tough emotional battle whch probably made my eczema worse.  I was terrible!  I couldn't sleep at night because of the itchy and weepy eczema and I was really confused on what to do (listen to my body and research or obey my family).  I was going nowhere but down so I realized that I needed to be firm for my conviction even if it meant hurting my love ones or swaying away from the norm.  (I'll share more of my story when I get well. Promise!)

Dr.  Philip Niño Tan-Gatue

I've literally read articles and watch videos of over a thousand studies and what I noticed is alternative medicine is now being validated scientifically and is coinciding with conventional medicine.  So when my friend Kay mentioned Dr. Philip Niño Tan-Gatue who does acupuncture I booked myself for a consultation.

Dr.  Philip Niño Tan-Gatue
I went to his clinic in PGH Room 208 Faculty Medical Arts Building (Family Medicine) where he had a long line of patients.  Some were even foreigners.  He inspected my tongue and hypothesized that blood circulation was my problem.  I told him I always feel lack of blood flow.

Dr.  Philip Niño Tan-Gatue
Needle near my Right Elbow
So I had two therapies.  First was for my eczema which involved 4 needles: 2 near my right and left leg just above my knees and 2 near my right and left elbows.

Dr.  Philip Niño Tan-Gatue
Needles Near My Knees
I was asked if it hurt and I said I don't feel anything so he got them out and in several.times before I felt it hurt and said ouch.  I laid there for 15 minutes.

Dr.  Philip Niño Tan-Gatue
6 Needles on My Back (pardon the quality I had to acrobat to take the photos =p)
Then, I was instructed to lay on my back where 6 needles were pinned to improve my blood circulation.

Dr.  Philip Niño Tan-Gatue
Needle on My Back
Before I was dismissed, I was then instructed not to get wet for the next 2 hours.  Walking home, I felt some points hurt as if pressure is applied on them.  I slept so deeply that night.  I've been to spas before but none of them  have delivered that good of a sleep.

The doctor said that it won't cure the eczema but it will stop new ones.  So I tried eating chocolates and then I had new pimples and bumps on several parts of the body which usually happens if I eat the food I'm allergic to so I can't tell any difference with regards my eczema.  Maybe it helped but it should still be supplemented with proper lifestyle.  And, I'm not sure if it requires some sort of follow up for it to work.   In terms of blood circulation, I still feel lack of blood flow on my arms and leg from time to time but I believe its better now because: 1. My mind is so sharp and focused 2. I'm sleeping better.  I even have dreams now and I remember them even as I wake up. 3. My vision is sharper even without my glasses on.

So the outcome was not really what I was expecting but it's great nonetheless.  I wonder if there's something it can do for my mom's toothache and hypertension or my brother's high bad cholesterol (LDL).  If the session fee is not so far apart from a typical spa session, I'll probably gift my them a session for their birthday hehehe. 

If you want to get in touch with Dr. Philip Niño Tan-Gatue click here.  I know you all want to know his rates.  I've been requested not to divulge it here so contact him to inquire.  He is very accommodating and responds instantaneously.