Truth be told I have not written anything on this blog for quite some time now.   For the past few months, this seemed to me like an blank piece of paper which I stare at but can't begin to write on.  I really don't know what or how to start with this again. 

When we were fifteen, Kurt and I used to have so many dreams, energy and positivity towards life.  There's just so many things to share and look forward to. 

Five years later, perhaps, reality, time or age has caused us to change.  But, believing in hope, we begun this blog with enthusiasm to document and share the things we found interesting in life.  It started with much enthusiasm as we found it to be something we have in common.  Because, we've really grown apart.  I've held on to the goals we've always talked about since we were teens and he can't decided on what he wants in life.  Like many things we've tried out, he found out that blogging is also not for him in just a few months.  But, it didn't stop there.  He always told me that if I motivate him enough, he might start to move again so I kept writing.   I had a lot of fun learning and writing.  It was an endless exploration and adventure for me until I lost it...  Many things have happened that confused me and it took a lot of time before I began to sort things out.  And, I still continue to.

I'm very grateful to Kurt who has been my first partner in this blog and many other things which he never really wanted to do and found weird, crazy and stupid but did so because of me.  If not for him, I may not have had the courage to start things on my own.  Although he will not be writing here anymore, I'd like to take it from here.  Like me, this blog has had a major identity crisis.   But, I hope to get started writing again.  Reaching the quarter life has caused me to re-evaluate my life.   Looking back, I've been changing to-and-fro, wanting and waning, it's actually frustrating to see myself as I reflect upon things.   I'm thankful to my family and friends who has always been there believing and motivating me to continue moving on forward.   For now, I'm geared toward self-improvement in terms of widening my knowledge, spirituality and fitness and I'll try to write about them too.