G.I. Joe Retaliation: My Movie Review

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a nice continuation from the first movie G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra with the introduction of a new set of Joes.  But, classic favorites Snake Eyes and his sword brother Storm Shadow is still in the picture.

The movie filled with action from start to finish.  I enjoyed the engaging fire power, martial arts and fighting combat.

The casts were well played but there were minor character differences.  Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock was close to his character although he wasn't black.  Jinx played by Elodie Yung didn't appear to be Japanese.  General Colton casted by Bruce Willis was alright I guess except for the lack of hair.  On the bright side, Snake Eyes mask looks cooler here.  And, wouldn't it be fun if Cobra Commander still had his hissy voice?  Firefly by Ray Stevenson was well played. 

Overall, I'd say it's a must watch.  I wonder how the 3D turned out though since I only watched this on 2D.  With all the Hasbro credits, I bet this film is an effective campaign for them. 
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