Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

                As technology improves more and more these days, the growing demands of daily living has evolved from just simply feeding and clothing oneself to including keeping in touch with friends, and keeping oneself updated with every news and trends in the metro.  Because of this, the conventional post-paid plans that people used to avail of are starting to be inadequate to meet these acquired necessities.  Luckily, Sun Cellular has risen up to the challenge and created new customized post-paid plans to provide people a more convenient medium of connecting with each other. 

The Sun Plan 600 which includes Unlimited Sun calls and texts, 350 texts to other networks and aP250 consumable, is a plan specifically designed by Sun Cellular for people who have loved ones abroad because it offers lower IDD and iSMS rates compared to the usual rates being applied.  For as low as P2, you can call a loved one staying in another country.

                The Sun Plan 999 which consists of Unlimited Mobile Internet, Unlimited Sun Texts and 4 hours of Sun Calls, is a perfect plan for people who find it useful to have a smartphone with them instead of the conventional phones.  It not only maximizes the functions of the smartphones, but it also provides a way for people to keep themselves up to date with all the current news and affairs happening around the globe.
                With all these customized post-paid plans that Sun Cellular offer, it’s definitely a given that Sun Cellular is not just a good choice, but an excellent choice in post-paid!