AFC's Eat and Run: My First Uphill Run Plus Eating Experience

It's been two years since my last fun run so I was a bit reluctant to join my friends Berylle and D at the first ever Eat and Run by Asian Food Channel (AFC).  But, I'm glad I did because it was tons of fun.

People waiting for the race to start
We were at the venue Piazza Venice Mc Kinley Hill before the stated time.  The race was said to begin on 6:00 am.  At around 6:20 am, the race mechanics was briefly explained.  Then, a pilates instructor initiated the warm-up.  We got out whole body stretched and conditioned.

This run is a unique concept because its a 3-team relay.  I was the first runner so I had to go to the starting point alone while B and D waited for me at the waiting area which I don't exactly know where.

There were no hydration or water stations in the entire 2 KM track other than the Carb-Trim Iced Tea at the end of my relay.  I was required to finish it.

Then, I proceeded to eat my two chicken wraps.  Once my foil was empty, I asked the marshall where to next and he told me to wait to look for our next runner which is B.  I had no idea where they were.  So, the guy with the mic got my number and waited then waited but still no sign of B.  So, I went to look for her.  I went up to the first runner and second runner waiting area but was told that I should look for them at the waiting area behind the food station 1 so I came back down.  I spotted them seated comfortably there and passed my race bib which works like a baton in the relay.

 B was quick to finish the taho with sago and did her 2 km relay.

D took the wrong turn so he ran an extra lap before he reached the starting point.  But, he was still quick to finish.  He wasn't to enthusiastic about eating his 2 chicken wraps though.

Food by Global Academy

As soon as he was handed his two foils, he took his time to enjoy and munch them.  Some even sat down and ate together and took pictures.  Soon, D was done and all three of us ran together to the finish line.  I had our bar code scanned for time stamping purposes. 

We got our free Acti-V strawberry yogurt and our loot bags with a nice finisher shirt.  We also availed of their photo booth.

We took a quick stroll over the booths and had our hopes up for the raffle but didn't win so we headed for home.

Overall, this run made me realize at how out of shape I am already.  I've definitely neglected my fitness since I started food blogging.  But just like this run, I believe that I can be fit and at the same time enjoy the pleasures of eating.  Hopefully, I'll be successful and so I can share my progress here too.