Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Merry Christmas!  This Christmas don't forget to give your fur friends their presents too.  Although there's not much dog stores here in Manila.  I've tried my best to include dog gifts into my Christmas shopping itinerary. 

Santa Lychee
So here are my Christmas gift ideas for dogs.  I bought these stuff from Bow & Wow and Hobbes and Landes

 My maltese Lychee is a small dog and she's a treat lover.  I bought her lots of treats.  When choosing dog treats, I always go for the premium ones which are wheat-free.  

  • Newman's Own Premium Dog Treats Cheese Flavor
    •  If your familiar with Newman's Own organic product lines for humans, well they've ventured into dog snacks too.  Our seven dogs love the cheese flavor.  I bet your dog will like it too.
  • Cloudstar Wag More Bark Less
    • I chose Cloudstar Wag More Bark Less because they have peanut butter cookies.  Both humans and dogs can't resist the delicious taste of peanut butter so I'm sure my dogs will love them.
  • Delicio Baked Pet Treats
    • Delicio is a new brand for us.  Their products are very cheap so we decided to give it a try.

  • Taste of the Wild
    • Our dogs love Taste of the Wild but its too expensive here so they only have this for special occassions.  Their default dog food is Acana and Canidae.
  • Nylabones
    • We only trust nylabone as chew bones for our six Chinese sharpeis
How about your?  What did you get for your pets this Christmas?