Christmas Attractions in Metro Manila 2012

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Everywhere I go I could feel the beauty of Christmas attractions and the warmth of the people celebrating the joy of Christmas together.  

What I like about Christmas is that there are a lot of activities anyone can enjoy.  Like when I visited Symphony of Lights this year, just light I did last year... As expected, group of friends and families have flocked the area just to see the wonderful melody together with the blinking colorful lights.  Every night, the place would be filled with a different batch of people.  

Last year's Symphony of Lights were dominated by stars, this year it was colorful balls.  The brilliant twist with them is that they move up and down.

The music and lights this year is much more lively.  I guess it's keeping up with the times. =D

Overall, it's a must watch.

Christmas also has its solemn times.  Sometimes I just walk alone and appreciate the lights on the street.  After all, I could only do that during Christmas.

I guess I'm on of these people, who wants to sit on the floor sometimes and admire the Christmas lights on the tall buildings and streets of Makati.

Around the Ayala Triangle, there are also bazaars with cool Christmas gift ideas for the busy workers in Makati.

There's also a mini food market set up.  It was a bit crowded so I didn't stick too long.

Another great activity to do during Christmas is to go hotel hopping just to appreciate the Christmas attractions of hotels.



The most Christmas Tree decor I've seen is at Dusit Thani Hotel Makati.

In addition, they have a Santa and a sleigh.

Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio High Street is also a great place for shopping or window shopping or maybe just strolling.

There's the annual Lego display.  This time there's a huge  R2D2 built in Lego.  Who doesn't love Star Wars right?

Kids can watch a FREE show in the big High Definition scene.  During my visit, they had Lion King on.  It's one of the best Disney movies ever so it's nice to watch some scenes from it again.

Luneta Park
There's a fair by Quirino Grand Stand where families and friends would just seat on the grass while some go for the rides.  

And, if the Ayala Triangle in Makati has a Symphony of Lights, Luneta Park has a light show by the fountain.  Although there's no music, it still has a lot of audience.  

The the fountain side, there's a lot of food stalls and random booths to cater to the large crowd.

How about you?  Where have you felt Christmas this year?