The Benefits of Natural Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have established themselves as an alternative to natural sweeteners. However, they cannot provide the same benefits as their natural counterparts. Instead, they have numerous disadvantages that relate to health. For example, studies have established that they are carcinogenic because of their artificial chemical components like Saccharin. Artificial sweeteners are also unhealthy since they contain Aspartame. This is a non-caloric sweetener that puts people at the risk of acquiring extreme heart palpitations, headaches, ADHD and seizures among others. The danger posed by artificial sweeteners leaves natural sweeteners as the only safe sweeteners for human consumption. Thanks to the existence of many natural sweeteners in the market, people will never run out of choices. They can purchase these sweeteners from grocery stores or health food shops.

Advantages of natural sweeteners

Opting for natural sweeteners will help people to sidestep the dangers associated with artificial sweeteners. Instead, it will accord them the following benefits:

Reduced calories

Consuming natural sweeteners will assist people to reduce the levels of calories in their bodies. This benefit is ultimately reflected in blackstrap molasses and maple syrup. These natural sweeteners have low levels of calories concentration, which bodes well for individuals struggling with weight issues. This is unlike natural sugars that normally have high calories in them. People can also benefit from reduced calories by consuming stevia. This plant, a member of the Chrysanthemum family, is non-calorific to ensure that they provide nutritional benefits while maintaining low calories. There are many stevia-based natural sweeteners most notably, Natvia. These sweeteners are sugar-free, which guarantees their low-calorie level.

Nutritional nourishment

This is the most important benefit that comes with consuming natural sweeteners. Various types of natural sweeteners have different nutrients like minerals and vitamins. These nutrients are integral in keeping the body healthy by providing it with nutritional benefits. At the same time, they ward off pathogens that could cause harm to the body.

Boosting the immune system

Natural sweeteners keep the body safe from certain diseases by boosting people’s immune systems. Those who incorporate them in their diets are usually safe from ailments like atherosclerosis. Natural sweeteners are also a viable solution for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes or high cholesterol. Their disease-fighting capabilities owe credence to their anti-oxidising properties. Their ability to enhance the immune system is also down to the fact that they are anti-bacterial agents.

Weight reduction and control

Natural sweeteners are also efficient in enhancing weight control or reduction. Most of them have low calories, which make them a perfect fit for solving weight issues. They are rich in nutrients that nourish the body and ward off persistent hunger. Conveniently, people need not develop food addiction and incur a humongous problem like obesity. Coupled with low cholesterol content, natural sweeteners do not cause problems related to the heart. Sweeteners have become an integral part of everyone’s diet. However, it is important that people choose sweeteners that will provide them with health benefits. The Sweeter Life Club have many great low calorie lunch, breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes that are sure to tempt your tastebuds!