Sprout: One of the Best Japanese Romance Drama Ever!

Sprout is a 12 episode Japanese school romance drama based on a popular manga by Nanba Atsuko.
sprout jdrama japanese drama
The story revolves around four high school students Miku (Aoi Morikawa), Sohei (Yuri Chinen), Hayato (Jesse Lewis) and Miyuki (Fujiko Kojima).  It's a drama were everyone who has loved can relate to and to those who haven't, I'm sure you'll have an idea of what love actually is.

The plot is typical.  It revolves around Miku who is determined to be with only one boyfriend to love forever.  One afternoon, Miku was sick and was taken to the clinic by a mysterious boy who she refers to as her "fated person".  Soon, she learns who that person is but he is no longer available since he is already dating one of the most pursued female students in school, Miyuki.  Will Miku's idealistic love to be with her "fated person" persist?  Or will Miku end up with Hayato who almost every girl in school is chasing after?

sprout jdrama japanese drama
What makes the series worth watching is not only the plot also the chemistry and portrayal of the characters.
Although I kind of felt how the story will go, but I just had to watch every scene because I could sense the flow of emotions going on between the casts.

Personal Reflection
Like Miku, I dreamed of loving only one boyfriend in life and believing in such things like "the one". But, love is not as simple as that.  It has so many complexities that things might turn out not as we expected.  Even things may not be perfect as we hoped, what matters most is that we can find love and be happy.

My little sisters did not like this series because they found all the characters to be not good-looking.  But, that makes it more realistic for me.  And, I really don't need good-looking characters to make something interesting for me because I see things with more depth even in actual life.

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