8 Reasons Why You Should Check Out AttiGo Online Shop

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Good news Philippine shoppers, there's  a new e-commerce platform called AttiGo Online Shop (http://attigo.com.ph).   It was launched by Chronotron Inc. last January 2017 and is now available both on web and mobile (android and apple ios) platform.

attigo online shop
 So it's new and it's ready to be visited.  But, you're probably wondering why you should check it out in the first place.  Well, I've got 8 reasons for you.

1. More Choices From Legitimate Supplies
Who doesn't love more choices?  With the entry of AttiGo Online Shop into the Philippine E-commerce scene, we now have more stores to consider and a whole new range of brands and item variations to choose from.  What sets AttiGo Online Shop is that it verifies the legitimacy of stores.

2. Easy Shop, Easy Go
AttiGo Online Shop provides a quick and easy order and payment system.  It offers multiple card payment options, accepts paypal and even COD payment system.

attigo online shop

3. Free Shipping
AttiGo Online Shop provides FREE Shipping within Metro Manila for a minimum of 500 php.

4. After Sales Support
AttiGo Online Shop offers after sale support.  All products comes with warranties depending on the terms of the store.  

5. Rare Finds
AttiGo Online Shop provides items that are limited, trendy and collectible. 

6. Empowering Filipino Entrepreneurs
AttiGo Online Shop does not only benefit consumers.  It also becomes the bridge between Filipino entrepreneurs even small start ups and the consumers.

7. Income Opportunity
AttiGo Online Shop recognizes the potential of each and every member to tap into a new audience therefore, it offers a profit sharing system granting its reseller commission for every resale.  The reselling system is very easy too.  You can make your own shop and have a link to your shop composing of your own and resold goods.  

8. Gives Back
AttiGo Online Shop does not only focus on making profits but also gives back to the community.  It has partnership through World Vision and certain indigent communities

There you have it.  That's my 8 reasons to check out AttiGo Online Shop.  Let me know if I missed any of your reasons.

Shakey's Scallop Primo Launch: Pool Party at Y2 Residence

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Last week, I got invited to a pool party where Shakey's was to unleash their all-new summer surprise.

shakeys scallop primo
I have to admit, this is probably my first time to attend a pool party so I was excited for both the party and the summer surprise!

pizza floater
While waiting for the product to arrive, I enjoyed the pool party with these cute pizza floaters.

pool party manila
Check out the pool of Y2 Residences and Hotel.  I actually thought it was just shallow.  To my surprise, it was 5 feet deep.

shakeys scallop primo
Swimming always makes me hungry so by the time the product arrived, I was even more ecstatic.  

shakeys scallop primo
So what's in store for the summer?

shakeys scallop primo
Can you guess?

shakeys scallop primo
Scallop Primo Pizza
Tada!  Packed with flavors of the sea, it's the all new Scallop Primo PizzaThis is available Dine in, Carry Out and Delivery in all Shakey’s restaurants nationwide for a limited period March 1 to May 31 only.  

shakeys scallop primo
Scallop Primo Pizza

It's a combination of succulent scallops, thinly shredded crab sticks, aged cheddar cheese, fresh herbs of basil and parsley, and dash of chili flake.
shakeys scallop primo
Scallop Primo Pizza
Because I'm a scallop-lover, I was so thrilled with this innovation.  I never thought I'd see my favorite as a pizza topping.  The price is reasonable too!  Price starts at 294 php for a regular thin crust and 344 php for hand tossed.

Ahead Tutorial and Review: Money Back Guarantee

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It has been a very long time since I had undertaken my college entrance exams.  Yet, it was such an important milestone in my life that I can vividly recall every moment of it.  Ahead Tutorial and Review understands how important it is which is why it is now offering a money back guarantee to assure both the student and their parents.

ahead tutorial and review
Not only is Ahead Tutorial and Review, the leading review center bolstered with advance research programs and tutors composed of top graduates from top universities and multiple awards, it is now confident enough to give you back your money if you don't pass your entrance exam.

ahead tutorial and review
During my days, I was not aware of Ahead Tutorial and Review.  It was only 3 years later when my cousin had enrolled therein to pass the DCAT when I heard of it.  She said it is very popular at her school (ICA).  She and all of her classmates who reviews with Ahead passed DCAT.

ahead tutorial and review
But, I think what every parent is thinking is whether or not it is worth the money?  Especially since it is quite common for a child to take several college entrance exams to keep their options open.  Sometimes, you are even forced to pick a college based on the course availability.  I recall taking UPCAT, DCAT and UST entrance exam because of different courses.  I took UPCAT for journalism, DCAT for accountancy and organizational communication and UST for accountancy.  Maybe I was too young them not to be pressured by what's at stake so I didn't take it seriously.

I didn't realize that you can only take the entrance exam once.  Or, that the people you will meet there will mould and influence you as a  person.  Had I known then, I would certainly appreciate a money back guarantee to grant me confidence and peace of mind for my parents. 

Coming from a small Chinese School in Manila, studying in DLSU has been a big leap for me.  I was never studious but being surrounded by the most intelligent and diligent students really pushed me to be one.  My seatmates became my best friends for life.  Although we didn't pursue being CPAs as a profession after we passed our CPA exam, we are still grateful for the training and network we gained in college.  My bestfriend C is now a businessman, E is a successful lawyer in a top law firm and H is a soon to be lawyer while working in his family business. 

Aside from the money back guarantee, I also found the trainings offered by Ahead Tutorial and Review (such as the mind mapping and speed reading) not just helpful and applicable for the entrance exam but also later on in life.  So it you're interest to secure your future, check out