Three Reasons Why Online News Sites are Replacing Newspapers

Anyone picking up a newspaper for the first time in a while is likely to be surprised by how thin today's papers have become. Since the late 1990's, most newspapers have been in decline, with shrinking advertising and falling readership. Fortunately, new forms of media are filling the void in order to enable people to get the news in a post-paper world. Here's why they are succeeding while newspapers fade:

More Youth Oriented - The majority of today's newspaper readers are over 40 years old. Younger people use the internet to gain easy access to far more news sources than any single newspaper can provide.

More Relevant - Newspapers are designed to appeal to a mass audience. However, the internet alternative makes it possible for journalists to target the news precisely to whatever audience they want to reach. It also provides readers with whatever news they feel is most relevant to what they need to get informed about.

Less Expensive - Newspapers are seldom free. Yet, much of the news sites on the web offer their info at no cost to anyone except those who advertise on the site. As the saying goes, "No one can compete with free."

It is unlikely that newspapers will ever completely disappear, although ultimately perhaps only the biggest names will survive. The good news is that an ever blossoming garden of alternative online news sites are rapidly filling the gap.