Open Access BPO: World-class Philippine-based outsourcing firm

Business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider, Open Access BPO, was founded in 2006 as a telemarketing startup in San Carlos, California. The company moved its operations to its current facilities in Makati City a year later where it began expanding its services. This was a strategic move that was driven by the Philippines' potential as an outsourcing hub.

As one of today's fastest growing outsourcing companies, Open Access BPO's lineup of services include customer care and technical support, telesales, content and social media moderation, data entry, and other back office solutions. In addition to this, the company recently added multilingual customer support to its growing portfolio of services, enabling it to offer its voice and non-voice-based solutions in 27 languages.

Unlike most outsourcing companies that offer package deals with pre-selected services, Open Access BPO employs a boutique-style approach that lets its clients customize the solutions they outsource. To ensure that the resulting business solutions meet every client's unique demands, the company works closely with them for all aspects of the campaign—from development, to deployment and its daily operations.

Another key aspect that fuels the company's continuous growth is its employees. Open Access BPO only hires the best workers for its outsourcing functions, with each employee undergoing rigorous training before eventually graduating to the production floor.

The Philippines, a multicultural nation, and its bilingual population have driven the company's array of operations. First were the English-proficient employees, followed by those who are fluent in the aforementioned languages that the company supports—all empowering the company's international clients. Satellite facilities in Taiwan were recently established to further strengthen its Chinese-based services.

With over 600 employees operating out of its facilities in the US and Asia, Open Access BPO clients include global businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 corporations.