Thor The Dark World: Should You Watch It in 3D? (My Movie Review)

After watching the first movie Thor in full 3D in awesome effects, I had much expectation for this sequel. 

The story continues after the first movie Thor and The Avengers.  The plot is more interesting this time.  It has its humor, action and a little bit of romance and hunk body teasing in it too.  Although there is a new  villain (Malekith played by Christopher Eccleston), I still like the interaction between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston). 

As expected, Stan Lee cameo's as a London bus driver.  There is also a post-credit scene that hints that there will be another sequel!  That got me excited.  XD
But, I was very disappointed with the 3D effects of this movie.  I think this is the worst in terms of 3D, I have ever encountered in the big screen.  I guess it's because this was converted to 3D only post production...

Watch Thor: The Dark World

Overall, it is a must watch!  You'll surely enjoy it.  But, I'd advise not to watch it in 3D.