Ingarden Philippines: World Class Home Decors Now in Asia!

A few weeks ago, Ingarden Philippines launched its first store in Asia at No. 6 11th Jamboree Street Corner Scout Fuentebella Ext. Quezon City, Metro Manila.

The original company was originated and incorporated in Portugal in 1950.  After dominating the domestic market as a market leader in 2002, the company began developing its own collections which have attracted many European clients.  Thus in 2005, Ingarden as a global brand name was born.  In pursuit of offering their unique collections to the international market, it began attending international fairs.  It is a regular participant in the most important trade fairs in the world specifically Paris and Frankfurt.  And, the demand kept growing with the continuous influx of new clients.  In 2008, it further expanded its market by catering to B2B and B2C internet trading.  The company now supplies to almost all European countries and many other countries such as South America, Australia and The Middle East.

ingarden philippines
Ingarden is a world class provider of home decors that offers high-quality and high-end designed items at reasonable prices.  Products range from artificial plants, pots, various displays and gift items.  Inspired by nature, its designers makes use of high-end technology and materials to create the most accurate replicas.  Their extensive collections are uniquely designed to meet every clients need. 

ingarden philippines ceo
Partners Mrs. Irma G. Yang and Ingarden CEO Mario Jorge Lopes
Seeking to offer its unique collections to the booming Asian market, CEO Mario Jorge Lopes has established a partnership with Filipino business woman Mrs. Irma G. Yang to spearhead Ingarden Philippines.  The two have built a reliable relationship with a foundation of 12 years.   In addition to products imported from Portugal, it will also manufacture and collections specifically for the Philippines. Once its presence is established, Ingarden Philippines will not only cater to the local market but it will also head Ingarden's operations in Asia.

ingarden philippines launch
Ingarden Philippines is ready to serve with its highly professional team dedicated to aid the clients in developing all sorts of decoration projects anywhere in the country from home decors for homes and condominiums, window displays in retailer shops, wedding decor and arrangements or big decoration projects such as for hotels, casinos and malls.

Ingarden Philippines two-storey store was full of astounding products for viewing.  Here are some of their collections.

Christmas Trees
christmas treechristmas tree
The peak season in Europe is Christmas and Spring.  Thus, the first collection show cased in the Philippines are from them.  It is also timely since Christmas is fast approaching.
 I was fortunate to see Christmas trees in various colors.  I can't help but be awed by the intricate and sophisticated designs of each ornament.
ingarden philippines christmas tree
This black Christmas tree is said to be a trend setter in Europe

christmas ornamentschristmas ornaments

ingarden christmas ornaments

ingarden christmas ornaments
ingarden christmas plushies
They even have plushies which are really cute!

ingarden christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath to add light and hope to the spirit of Christmas.

Nativity Stable Sets
nativity stable set
They have nativity stable sets in different sizes and styles.  This one is life-size but smaller than the Nativity Stable Set they made for Rockwell Power Plant Mall

ingarden nativity stable set
Although they have many others, I love the fine detail of this set.

ingarden angel candle
Angel candle holders are excellent gift items.

Artificial Plants (Spring Collection)ingarden plants
I bet even up-close, you would be surprised that these plants are not real!

ingarden plants
Although mostly inspired from European plants, they have tropical plants too.

ingarden plants
They have plans of all sizes.  These are great for table tops and studio type condominiums.  Don't you agree?

ingarden plants
For those who don't have a green thumb, these would definitely find give you a green thumb impression.

Check out more of Ingarden Philippine's Collections here

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